Withnail and I (1987)

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December 2014: Kickstarter appeal for Withnail coat
Ever wanted to own the iconic Harris Tweed coat worn by Withnail throughout much of the film? If so, this Kickstarter campaign is for you.

If successful, the revered costume designer Andrea Galer will produce a limited edition of 100 of the male and female versions of the coat. Each will be woven in the Outer Hebrides, numbered and delivered with a certificate of authenticity signed by Andrea.

Support the campaign >>

Still from the Withal coat Kickstarter page

November 2014: Limited edition boxset released
After a considerable wait, a brand new, four-disc DVD/Blu Ray boxset has been released. Restored from the original camera negative, the set is packed full of bonus features including an audio commentary and newly filmed interviews with key members of the behind-the-scenes team.

The first 2000 copies come with an exclusive hardback book containing new writings on the film and rare production stills.

Buy now from Amazon >>

Limited edition Withnail and I boxset

June 2013: Withnail and I as you've never seen it before
Candid photographs taken by Murray Close, some of which have never previously been seen, form a revealing tribute to one of the most celebrated British comedy films ever made.

Download a press release about the show that's on at Camden's Proud gallery until 1st September 2013

McGann and Grant

May 2013: Withnail and I photography
We're delighted to have been granted permission to display exclusive behind-the-scenes photographs from the film's official photographer.

Murray Close is an internationally renowned photographer who has shot images for the likes of Kubrick, Spielberg and Eastwood.

Limited edition Withnail and I prints from Murray Close

March 2013: Richard Griffiths has died aged 65
Richard Griffiths OBE - perhaps best known for his role as Uncle Monty - was laid to rest at the Holy Trinity church in Stratford-upon-Avon on April 9th 2013.

Daniel Radcliffe, Michael Palin and Alan Bennett were among 400 mourners at the funeral. Richard E Grant paid tribute by sending a wreath of root vegetables with a card saying "To my beloved Uncle Monty, chin chin". Read the full BBC obituary >>

Richard Griffiths as Uncle Monty

August 2012: Outdoor Withnail & I screenings at Crow Crag!
Can there be any better location to watch Withnail & I than at Sleddale Hall? Of course not! Read on to hear about this unique experience that was organised in partnership with Picnic Cinema. Find out more >>.

Sleddale Hall - The location for two outdoor screenings of Withnail and I

November 2011: The Rum Diary Screenplay Now Available
Withnail and I director, Bruce Robinson, brings Hunter S. Thompson's novel to the big screen with brilliance, wild humour and fierce energy. Buy now.

The Rum Diary Screenplay

September 2011: Withnail in Time Out's Top 100 Comedy Films
"No one's really come close to replicating the maverick, melancholy, rat-arsed resonance of Withnail and no one ever will. It's a complete one-off." Read more on the Time Out website.

Time Out's 100 Best Comedy Movies Logo

July 2011: Withnail & I Android App Released
Yep, you read that right. Withnail and I fans can now carry around a selection of high-quality quotes (i.e. We've gone on holiday by mistake) from the film on their Android device. Download it now.

Withnail and I Android App

June 2011: Brand New Withnail & I Book Released
King's England Press has published a new book written by Maisie Robson that explores the cultural echoes that that give Withnail and I its context and meaning. Grab a copy now.

Withnail and the Romantic Imagination

May 2011: 25th Anniversary Withnail and I Article
The Global Dispatches, the online magazine that publishes articles on a variety of topics including politics, economics, finance, and art, has published an article that explores Withnail and I, 25 years on from its release.

The Global Dispatches Logo

October 2010: New Vivian MacKerrell Book Launched
A new book called Vivian and I - all about the friend of Bruce Robinson who Withnail's character was largely based on - is now available from Amazon. Written by Colin Bacon and published by Quartet Books, it encompasses the half century from the end of the Second World War to the height of the ecstasy era.

Vivian and I book cover

January 2009: Crow Cragg Could Be Yours!
Sleddale Hall, the cottage that provided the perfect setting for Withnail and I's holiday is up for sale. The price-tag? £145,000. See the BBC's report on Withnail Tourism.

Sleddale Hall

June 2008: Nighttime screening of Withnail in Bath
Sponsored by Bath's mobile cinema, Pyjama Pictures, a moonlit screening of Withnail and I will be taking place in the back garden of the Holburne Museum in Bath on 28th June 2008.

The Holburne Museum in Bath

August 2007: Always Crashing In The Same Car Released
A new short film staring Richard E Grant and Paul McGann (the first time they have appeared together on screen since Withnail and I) has been released. This 11-minute black comedy was financed by HandMade Films and directed by Duncan Wellaway. Read more about it on the IMDB.

July 2007: Withnail at The Summer of British Film season
Withnail and I is one of seven classic British films that has been chosen to be part of The Summer of British Film season that takes place at 136 cinemas between 31st July and 11th September.

Summer of British Film logo

October 2006: 20th Anniversary Withnail and I DVD Released
A brand new digitally remastered wide-screen version of Withnail and I has been released to coincide with the film's 20th anniversary. The package comes with 3 DVDs as well as an audio commentary, original musical score and a deluxe steelbook case. Grab yourself a copy now.

October 2006: Controversy over 'Withnail and I Play'
Richard Griffiths has branded the proposed adaptation of Withnail and I into a stage play as "a crap idea" - insisting that it is little more than a money-making scheme. Meanwhile, writer/director Bruce Robinson is said to be equally as unhappy about the proposed production - claiming that a Withnail and I play will never appear on the West End. Read more on the BBC website.

Richard Griffiths on the red carpet

September 2006: New Withnail and I Book Released
A new Withnail and I book has been published that presents an array of facts, anecdotes, and trivia regarding the production of the film as well as the colourful genesis of its plot and characters.

Written using an "A to Z" format, the book includes photographs and maps of the film's locations, and yields answers to the many questions asked about the film. Ralph Brown - who played Danny in the film - provides a foreword. Grab yourself a copy now.

Withnail & I: Everything You Ever Wanted To Know But Were Too Drunk To Ask

August 2006: Bruce Robinson Interview
Withnail and I director Bruce Robinson talks about the film, his current projects and politics in this addition of Stop Smiling magazine. The magazine also includes interviews with Ralph Steadman, Ricky Gervais and Richard E Grant.Read more about Stop Smiling here.

Stop Smiling - The Magazine for High Minded Lowlifes

July 2006: Website Introduction
This site has been created to provide an accurate source of information about Withnail and I - one of the most original and funny films to have ever come out of Britain.