The Withnail & I Script - Withnail Screenplay

Withnail and I fencing on set

Widely regarded as one of the funniest, most quoted film scripts ever written, Bruce Robinson was paid a token £1 for the Withnail and I script. The story was originally a novel – something that Bruce Robinson described as being very easy and enjoyable to write.  The screenplay was significantly less so.

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The official Withnail screenplay is published by Bloomsbury Paperbacks and includes a few extra scenes that were excluded from the movie. This includes including Withnail fixing the Jag and buying Whisky for the journey to the cottage.

The official Withnail and I script also includes an introduction from Bruce Robinson where he writes about where the story and dialogue came from and about the inspiration for Withnail. If you're just interested in checking out a few of your favourite one-liners, go to our dedicated Withnail & I quotes section.