Withnail & I - HandMade Films

HandMade Films, the production company that made Withnail and I, has a fascinating history that is detailed in a book by Robert Sellers called Always Look on the Bright Side of Life which chronicles the rise and fall of the company.

Handmade Films was established by George Harrison and Denis O'Brien to finance Monty Python's Life Of Brian after the original financers pulled out.

Official Hand Made Films Logo

Over the next 15 years, HandMade Films produced some of the most popular and critically acclaimed British films. See some other films by HandMade Films here.

Harrison eventually sold HandMade Films in 1994 due to falling profits. It was bought by Canada's Paragon Entertainment Corporation for $8.5 million. Harrison went on to sue O'Brien over losses incurred by the latter in his capacity as manager of HandMade Films.